Natural Fibers with 3D depth

Raffir Fiber is a composite material based on natural plant fibers. These fibers are cast in a strong translucent resin. As a result, unique textures appear with contrasts between light plant fibers and the deep colored resin. Meanwhile, the semi-transparent resin gives a sense of 3D to the material.

Types and application

Raffir Fiber comes in 6 colors: black, blue, brown, green, yellow and red. Furthermore, there are two different types of Raffir Fiber: Raffir Stripes and Raffir Ntangle. They differ on their type of plant fibers, and as a result also in their patterns. Raffir Stripes contains curly leaves that create almost flaming patterns on the surface of a product. It works very well on larger products like guitar fronts, gunstocks and large handles. Meanwhile, Raffir Ntangle contains more fine and knotted fibers. This material works well on smaller surfaces, such as pocketknives, jewelry and inlays.

Overall, Raffir Fiber is suitable for various fine crafts and luxury products. Therefore, it is already popular as a unique handle material and in jewelry. However, we also recommend it for any small or medium scale product, in which aesthetics and uniqueness are important.

The material is easily machined with tools for wood or plastic. It can also obtain a beautiful high-gloss finish after polishing. We recommend water grinding for easy and dust free processing.

Dimensions of and availability

Our standard handle blocks are 120*40*25mm. They are available at our retailers. Raw blocks are also available for other purposes. Furthermore, we can cut custom sizes up to the size of our finished raw blocks. Meanwhile, please note that there is an MOQ for custom dimensions. The standard raw blocks for handles are 480*120*40mm. In addition we cast raw blocks of 500*140*40mm, 600*160*50mm and 400*250*65mm. You can ask our retailers for their current availability. Otherwise, you are welcome to contact us for further information.