This is what happens when composites turns into art. Basically, Raffir Composites are made of precious resins and specialty fillers. Maybe that does not sound so sexy. But when paired in just the right way, these two combines into something extraordinary. The fillers create amazing patterns, while the resin binds them together with deep colors. At first, we created Raffir Fiber with light plant fibers. Secondly, we added aluminum materials for their machinability and corrosion resistance. These materials later turned into our Alume series. Finally, Raffir Noble came along with fine brass and bronze meshes. The latter has great strength and a subtle classy touch. They are all high contrast materials with 3D effects that are useful for many products. We recommend them for handles, musical instruments, furniture and a lot more. Some of the composites are food grade. That means they even make great kitchen tools and more.

Raffir Composite Blocks Featuring Alume Wave, Noble, and the New Wasp Pattern for 2020. Blocks measure 4.75"x1.5"x1"